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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
tells you what happened next. months earlier this new york city subway surveillance video showed how to happened. he and another man are seen arguing before the other man pushes him to the tracks. watching it happen, this photographer, rather than help, he snapped nearly 50 photos on his camera. he said it was his way of trying to get the subway conductor's attention. >> took mow a second to figure out what was happening. i sought lights in the distance of the approaching train. the only thing i could think of at that time was to alert the driver with my camera flash. >> reporter: that didn't get the motor man to flash and the post was criticized. twitter is calling the decision horrifying, despicable. imagine how this man's family feels. we spoke to the pr company that represents the new york post. so far, no statement has been pished -- issued. as for the suspect, he has been arrested and charged. >>> senators barbara mikulski and cardin are expected to speak at at committee on homeland security. mikulski is calling for aid to the eastern shore still suffering from the storm. >> pe
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm EST
spots. mostly rain the rest of the night except well north and west of the city. we'll talk about thisproaching . >>> when the roads are covered with the wintry mix like this, that's when the state highway crews hit the highway. they have been watching the storm, treating the roads with salt. they have to move to other chemicals to get results. . >> the forecast will go down to 34, which is above freezing but it's close to the freezing mark. we purge people to be careful. >> state highway officials also stress that drivers should be prepared with essentials. never head out in bad weather without a flashlight and the good news is temperatures are not expected to drop low enough to cause major problems. the bad news it's rainy windy mess. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: that white christmas looks so beautiful. this, not so much. this is really ugly. as you're heading out to go back home, it will make for some messy travel. we were out on the roads earlier, and things were clear on the back roads. now with the rain all of that is rain -- is adding up to rain. carroll county in we
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >>> for the second time in a month, someone was pushed to their death in front of a new york city subway. >> this latest death was last night in queens. katherine brown reports on the search. >> reporter: police say surveillance cameras captured her running along queens boulevard moments after pushing a man on the tracks and directly into the path of an on coming 7 train. >> that's pretty horrible. >> reporter: witnesses told investigators they saw a woman pacing and mumbleling on the platform and then sit on a bench. they said she shot forward and pushed the man to a gruesome desk -- death. >> stand close to the edge to look to see if the train comes. it makes you rethink the things you do on a regular basis. >> i think it's scary. i think people stand too close to the edge, too. there's -- that yellow line is there for reason. >> reporter: this is the second incident of a man pushed to his death in less than a month. a drifter pushed a man in front of an on coming train. the two were caught on cell phone video arguing. tracking down the suspect in the most recent incident is a top prio
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
. like most cities, annapolis is on a tight budget but local businesses stepped up and rescued them. >> that's what being part of the city is all b everybody joins together, picks up the burden and helps out. >> reporter: fireworks are tradition for 4th of july and new year's eve. it will continue because business owners like this one. >> people look at annapolis as a historic traditional american feel. they want it come downtown and have a good time. part of my job, i believe, as a business or merchant downtown is to help be a part of that. >> i think it's awesome. it's great that the community is pitching in. >> reporter: people who have been coming could not imagine annapolis 2013 without fireworks. >> this wouldn't be as image jal. >> reporter: annapolis will be having two fireworks displace tonight. one at 7:30 north young are crowd and, of course, the second one at midnight. in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. >>> if you're in new zealand, you don't have to wait. people already ringing in the new year the first to ring in 2013 setting off fireworks from the auckland sky tow
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
're looking at a nice day by december standards. look south of the city, mid-50s once again. asyou go a little further north, maybe not quite so warm. incarol county, temperatures struggle to get past the low 50s. blue skies though and plenty of sunshine will be on tap tomorrow. take a look at the set up here. disturbancepen wheeling to the north now. we're getting a couple of area offense cloud cover on the south of that. future trend showing nothing tomorrow, bright blue skies. you're going to need the sun glasses tomorrow. but,check this out, another change, faster moving weather pattern. wo bring in another disturbance on thursday leading with colder air, showers likely sdmurz into friday. there's going to be enough cold air. mid-30stomorrow and then back to ho 40s and 50s but then the cold air builds up to the north here and that will come down the pike as we go into friday and saturday. here it is for you, right now looking at some clearing behind this weather maker off to the north and east. putting downsnow in northern new england but there is a new system brewing north and west that w
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
of a challenge. kenneth never got a good look you but his mother said she has confidence the city police department to solve the case. the police say the assault is still under investigation and have yet to call it a hate crime. >> now to the latest on your money for the senate majority leader predicted we would fall off the fiscal cliff next week. we bring you up to speed on the gridlock down in dc. >> reporter: it may already be to late. five-days before the fiscal cliff and with the house out of town until sunday, the senate majority lead admitted a deal seems unlikely. >> i have to be honest. i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> reporter: and an attack he point blame on the house speaker for letting members stay home with no deal in sight. > we are here in washington working while the members of the house of representatives are out watching movies, watching the kids play soccer and basketball. he seems to care more about keeping his speaker ship than keeping the nation on firm financial footing. >> reporter: the speaker's office responded, the senator should talk les
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6